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Epson T1813 Ink Cartridges - Genuine & Compatible

Mix & Match 4 Pack Compatible with Epson T1811/2/3/4/6 (18XL)

Pack of 4 HIGH CAPACITY Inks for Epson T1813

Choose Any Colour Combination You Like!

These cartridges are commonly known as Daisy XL or 18XL compatibles

More than Triple the Capacity of Standard Genuine Epson Daisy Cartridges.
High Capacity Ink cartridges for your Epson T1813 printer.
Premium ink made in USA. Guaranteed quality at the cheapest price.
   In Stock Same Day Dispatch Free Delivery [?]
1 Pack(s) 2 Pack(s) 4 & Above
7.15 inc VAT 5.45 inc VAT 4.95 inc VAT
Genuine Epson T1813 Magenta (Known as Daisy XL or Epson 18XL)
Pack Contains: 1 x High Capacity Epson 18XL Magenta (T1813)
Genuine Epson Printer Cartridge with Claria Ink.
   In Stock Same Day Dispatch Free Delivery [?]
1 Pack(s) 2 Pack(s) 3 & Above
15.75 inc VAT 15.15 inc VAT 14.35 inc VAT
Chip Resetter for Epson 18 and 18XL Ink Cartridges

Epson T1813 Chip Resetter

Resets the chip on Epson Daisy & Daisy XL cartridges.
Will reset ink level back to full on Epson 18, 18XL, T1801, T1802, T1803, T1804, T1806, T1811, T1812, T1813, T1814, T1816
Resets our compatibles and genuine Epson T1813 cartridges.
Reset to gain extra prints or reset to refill.
Just place over the chip and wait for the green light !
Comes with battery installed and is ready to use.
Lasts for around 100 resets.
Chip resetter for your Epson T1813.
Price: 14.95

Hi Graham,

Excellent service as usual! My order has just arrived thank you.

Lesley Leahy (29/3/2011)

Prink - Cheap Epson T1813 Ink Cartridges at the best prices.

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