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HP DeskJet 6120 Ink Cartridges - Genuine & Remanufactured

Reman HP-78 High Capacity Colour
For Use In HP DeskJet 6120
Reman HP-78 High Capacity Colour
1 x Remanufactured Colour HP-78 High Capacity Ink Cartridge
Reman HP DeskJet 6120 ink cartridge.
Contains twice the amount of ink compared to a standard HP-78
Premium remanufactured inkjet printer cartridge.
Guaranteed quality at a cheap price.
Price: 17.29
Genuine HP-78 Colour (C6578D)
For Use In HP DeskJet 6120
Genuine HP-78 Colour (C6578D)
Pack Contains: 1 x Colour HP-78 (C6578D)
Genuine HP Inkjet Cartridge.
   In Stock Same Day Dispatch Free Delivery [?]
1 Pack(s) 2 Pack(s) 3 & Above
29.21 inc VAT 26.81 inc VAT 26.01 inc VAT
Genuine HP-78 High Capacity Colour (C6578A)
Pack Contains: 1 x High Capacity Colour HP-78 (C6578A)
Genuine Hewlett Packard Printer Ink Cartridge.
   In Stock Same Day Dispatch Free Delivery [?]
1 Pack(s) 2 Pack(s) 3 & Above
71.41 inc VAT 69.01 inc VAT 68.21 inc VAT

I ordered a set of compatible inks for my epsom R300 printer because the printer failed to recognise the replacement inks I had just put in. . . they were yours BUT must have been old ( I had stored them for too long) I decided just before I purchased a new printer that I would try one of your new sets as they had never been a problem before.

Delivery was fantastic - ordered Friday aft delivered Saturday morn.

Inks worked perfectly.. .I now know to order as soon as the printer shows low and replace in complete sets which I can do with your very low prices.

Thanks again

Mike Turner (17/4/2012)

Prink - Cheap HP DeskJet 6120 Ink Cartridges at the best prices.

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