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Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Genuine Lexmark & Lexmark Compatible Ink Cartridges

All our compatible Lexmark ink cartridges contain premium quality ink made in the USA and are produced to the highest standards in a factory environment. Using the latest refill technology, they are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.
Arriving vacuum wrapped and retail boxed, these ink cartridges will last unopened for up to two years.

Lexmark Pro Ink Cartridges

Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 ink
Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 ink
Lexmark Prestige Pro 805 ink
Lexmark Prevail Pro 705 ink
Lexmark Prospect Pro 202 ink
Lexmark Prospect Pro 205 ink

Lexmark S Ink Cartridges

Lexmark Genesis S815 ink
Lexmark Impact S305 ink
Lexmark Interact S602 ink
Lexmark Interact S605 ink
Lexmark Interpret S402 ink
Lexmark Interpret S405 ink
Lexmark Intuition S505 ink

Lexmark X Ink Cartridges

Lexmark X1100 ink
Lexmark X1110 ink
Lexmark X1130 ink
Lexmark X1140 ink
Lexmark X1150 ink
Lexmark X1155 ink
Lexmark X1160 ink
Lexmark X1170 ink
Lexmark X1180 ink
Lexmark X1190 ink
Lexmark X1270 ink
Lexmark X2230 ink
Lexmark X2240 ink
Lexmark X2250 ink
Lexmark X3330 ink
Lexmark X3350 ink
Lexmark X4300 ink
Lexmark X5130 ink
Lexmark X5150 ink
Lexmark X5190 PRO ink
Lexmark X5250 ink
Lexmark X5260 ink
Lexmark X5270 ink
Lexmark X5470 ink
Lexmark X6100 ink
Lexmark X6150 ink
Lexmark X6190 PRO ink
Lexmark X6300 ink
Lexmark X70 ink
Lexmark X7170 ink
Lexmark X72 ink
LexmarkX73 ink
Lexmark X7350 ink
Lexmark X74 ink
Lexmark X75 ink
Lexmark X80 ink
Lexmark X83 ink
Lexmark X8350 ink
Lexmark X84 ink
Lexmark X85 ink


Lexmark Z Ink Cartridges

Lexmark Z11 ink
Lexmark Z12 ink
Lexmark Z13 ink
Lexmark Z22 ink
Lexmark Z23 ink
Lexmark Z24 ink
Lexmark Z25 ink
Lexmark Z251 ink
Lexmark Z25L ink
Lexmark Z31 ink
Lexmark Z32 ink
Lexmark Z33 ink
Lexmark Z34 ink
Lexmark Z35 ink
Lexmark Z42 ink
Lexmark Z43 ink
Lexmark Z45 ink
Lexmark Z51 ink
Lexmark Z515 ink
Lexmark Z517 ink
Lexmark Z52 ink
Lexmark Z53 ink
Lexmark Z54 ink
Lexmark Z55 ink
Lexmark Z600 ink
Lexmark Z601 ink
Lexmark Z602 ink
Lexmark Z604 ink
Lexmark Z605 ink
Lexmark Z615 ink
Lexmark Z617 ink
Lexmark Z645 ink
Lexmark Z65 ink
Lexmark Z65N ink
Lexmark Z810 ink
Lexmark Z815 ink
Lexmark Z816 ink


Other Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark 1000 ink
Lexmark 1020 ink
Lexmark 1100 ink
Lexmark 2030 ink
Lexmark 2050 ink
Lexmark 2055 ink
Lexmark 3000 ink
Lexmark 3200 ink
Lexmark 5000 ink
Lexmark 5700 ink
Lexmark 5770 ink
Lexmark 7000 ink
Lexmark 7200 ink
Lexmark 7200V ink
Lexmark Color Jet Printer A10 ink
Lexmark Color Jet Printer X125 ink
Lexmark ExecJet II ink
Lexmark ExecJet IIc ink
Lexmark I13 ink
Lexmark I3 ink
Lexmark Medley 4c ink
Lexmark Medley 4sx ink
Lexmark Medley 4x ink
Lexmark Optra Color 40 ink
Lexmark Optra Color 45 ink
Lexmark P315 ink
Lexmark P4330 ink
Lexmark P4350 ink
Lexmark P450 ink
Lexmark P6200 ink
Lexmark P6250 ink
Lexmark P6350 ink
Lexmark P910 ink
Lexmark P915 ink
Lexmark WinWriter 100 ink
Lexmark WinWriter 150c ink

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About Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark is one of the biggest names in the printer industry. The company makes a series of printer ink cartridges with print quality that is superior to that delivered by many other brands. Lexmark ink cartridges can be purchased as genuine original manufacturers equipment or as compatible cartridges. i.e. inks that have the same formula but which are cheaper to buy. Many people find buying replacement inks a confusing process but it is a very simple matter to order the inks from an online supplier. The suppliers websites show a list of printers and you just click on the printer model that you use and then choose from the list of products. Most inks are sold in standard and high capacity cartridges which last for longer. Laser printers use toner cartridges. Genuine Lexmark printer inks are dye based and these inks dry faster than pigment based products. The colour dye based inks deliver vibrant colours and are resistant to fading. These inks are an excellent choice for anyone who prints lots of documents. There is no bleeding around the edges and text will not be smudged.

Genuine Lexmark Printer Cartridges for Businesses

If you are running a business that produces high volumes of prints, Lexmark is a good choice. You can buy the cartridges in bulk amounts and can save on running costs by using the compatible inks that are available. Both black and tri-colour ink cartridges are sold under the Lexmark brand and these can be obtained at very reasonable costs when purchased online. Lexmark ink is durable and will deliver top quality results which last for many years. If you see the words 'remanufactured' ink cartridges you may be wondering what these are. A remanufactured cartridge is merely an expired unit that has been refilled with ink. The ink is of the same quality as that contained in original cartridges but the units cost a lot less. Many different brands of inks can be bought as remanufactured cartridges and the results achieved are of excellent quality. Businesses that wish to save on printing costs often choose this type of ink product.

Lexmark Compatible Inks at Cheap Prices

The cheapest prices found for Lexmark compatible inks are those on the Internet. Some of the Lexmark ink cartridges are compatible with a range of printers i.e. Lexmark 1 will fit 16 different printers in the Lexmark range. Genuine Lexmark inks can also be bought at lower prices when purchased online. The inks will deliver the best quality prints that will enhance the reputation of any business venture. It is important that prints are of excellent quality as poor quality prints will reflect badly on any business venture. Genuine Lexmark inks produce vibrant rich colour graphics and photographs with lifelike skin tones and fine detailing.

Genuine and Compatible Lexmark Inks

Lexmark has been producing ink cartridges for many years. The company has been around since 1991 and the brand is very popular. Thermal inkjet technology continues to develop and the latest generation ink cartridges are much cheaper than those first produced 20 something years ago. The first ink cartridges that were produced included the print head. The new range of all-in-one printers incorporate the print heads in the machine and this means cheap prices for ink cartridges which are now just a small tube filled with ink. Advances in ink technology has resulted in prints which are waterproof and which last for up to 100 years. Printing has never been more cost effective and this is due to the wide range of compatible ink cartridges which are sold for every model pf printer. This fact, together with the introduction of high capacity ink cartridges has made cheap printing available to everyone.

In addition to Lexmark ink and toner cartridges, search our range of other branded compatible cartridges from Canon, Brother, HP & Epson via our ink cartridges page.

Dear Prink - what a fantastic service! The inks I ordered just arrived - 28 hours after I ordered them. Thanks very much for a prompt and efficient service. This is the first time I have used Prink for replaement inks for my Epson Stylus Office BX305FW but it will not be the last time. Congratulations on a great turnaround.

Bob Cypher (24/7/2104)

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Lexmark 100 ink ink
Lexmark 100XL Black ink
Lexmark 100XL Cyan ink
Lexmark 100XL Magenta ink
Lexmark 100XL Yellow ink
Lexmark 100 Black ink
Lexmark 100 Cyan ink
Lexmark 100 Magenta ink
Lexmark 100 Yellow ink

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