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Lexmark Toner Cartridges - Genuine & Compatible


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About Lexmark Toner Cartridges

Lexmark has a series of printers and related products that makes it shine out amongst the competition. The company has a staff of designers who continue to produce innovative products that make the company stand out. The speed of the printers is matched by the quality and build of genuine Lexmark toner cartridges which can deliver thousands of prints at very reasonable costs. Print quality is very important when it comes to businesses and using genuine Lexmark toners you will get the same high performance from the first page to the last, no matter how long the document. The cost of genuine Lexmark toners is in the mid range of similar products offered from other manufacturers and they can last for as much as 25,000 copies before a replacement cartridge is required. Most businesses use purely black and white prints because the cost of colour toner can be quite exorbitant. However, there are some ways that costs for colour prints can be reduced. Compatible Lexmark toner cartridges can be purchased at lower prices than the originals and these are perfectly acceptable for use in the appropriate model. A compatible toner cartridge is one that has been manufactured by a third party company. It contains the same chemicals and components as the original and works just as well.

Using Genuine Lexmark Toner Cartridges

The Lexmark brand is well known for simplicity and fitting or replacing toner cartridges is a very simple task. The company produces cartridges that will handle very high volumes of prints which range between 3,000 and 200,000 pages per month. All the cartridges are used with a variety of paper media including card and envelopes. The Lexmark toner ensures that the quality of print is excellent on all kinds of printing projects. In addition, the printers used with Lexmark toner cartridges are designed for low toner consumption so replacements are not needed on a regular basis. A high yield toner can deliver prints which cost as little as 1 pence per page and the results are produced with even coverage so that the last print is as good as the first. Lexmark is an extremely reliable product that can be recommended for all kinds of printing tasks.

Cheap Lexmark Toner

If you are trying to find ways to cut down on printing costs you can buy cheap Lexmark toner cartridges from stores online where the prices are lower than those asked in retail outlets. Both compatible Lexmark toner and the OEM toner are available from our website and along with all of our products, these carry a guarantee. Using compatible Lexmark toner is one way of cutting costs but there are also other alternatives. You can buy refill kits for toner cartridges or you can return the original cartridges to the manufacturer to be recycled. Using refills for cartridges can be a messy job that is not easy to accomplish. So, using cheap compatible Lexmark toner cartridges will give good results and may be the best solution. Buying original toner cartridges is encouraged when you purchase a printer and people are often warned that cheap Lexmark toner cartridges will invalidate the warranty of the model or cause damage to the machine. While this is understandable, because manufacturers have spent time and money on research into toners, the cost can become as issue for many small businesses that wish to cut down on overheads. Using generic cheap Lexmark compatible cartridges will not cause damage as the units are made to the same standards as the OEM. Similarly, using a refill is safe as long as the refilling is carried out in a competent manner according to the instructions with the kit. You can save significant amounts of money by using either of these methods for replacing Lexmark toners and you will still achieve good results.

I have been using your service for some time now. Delivery is always very good and I have never needed to return a cartridge. I used to refill my own but your compatibles are so cheap it's not worth the bother and mess (there is always some). My wife is a custom greeting card maker and uses an awful lot of ink and now you can pick and mix the colour conbinations she can get just the coulours she wants.

Thoroughly recommended to anyone looking for an alternative to very expensive originals.

Bob Lamb (10/5/11)

Prink - Cheap Lexmark Toner Cartridges at the best prices.

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