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Greatest Ink Developments: The Rorschach Test

Here at we know that ink has seen a number of revolutionary developments over the decades. From the quill to the growth of printer cartridges in the market, it also has a variety of uses, some of which are still heavily relied on today.

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary uses and developments of ink is the role it plays in the Rorschach Test. By name, a lot of people won’t recognise this test however, by example it has become famous for not only its purpose, but what the test actually consists of.

The Rorschach Test, or the inkblot test, refers to the assessment psychologists use to determine certain thought disorders. The test is also used to pinpoint individual’s thought processes, not to forget specific aspects of their personality. The assessment involves pieces of paper with ink sprawled across the page in various, mirrored patterns. The ink images are supposedly meaningless however; the basic purpose behind the practice is to extract elements of certain thinking processes from the answer the participant gives. As an example, if a patient reported seeing a lion, it will signify something different to a patient saying they identified an elephant.

This practice was first introduced in 1921 by Hermann Rorschach however, it has been suggested that his work was actually inspired by a book of poems that consisted of an accidental sprawl of ink. It is also thought that the concept of the test i.e. to use a specific interpretation of supposedly meaningless designs dates back to Leonardo da Vinci. For mind bending prices on all ink cartridges visit our website today!

During his time, the psychiatrist published a book titled “Psychodiagnostik”. This later became the foundation of the Rorschach test. The book consisted of results of research that Hermann Rorschach had carried out. Each was the study result of a mental patient and the book also included a set of 10 cards which then became a significant resource in the assessment.

So, how does the test work? Well, typically, the tester will show the patient 10 inkblots. As mentioned these 10 are the official set chosen by Rorschach himself. Within the set, there are five that consist of only black ink, while the remaining five are divided by black and red and polychromatic ink.

The patient was usually allowed to see the inkblots twice. The first time, the set of 10 were simply shown and the second, the patients were allowed to interact with the inkblots i.e. rotate them and get a closer look. Both times would require the patient to feedback on what they interpret the inkblot to be.

Though this test has many criticisms, it arguably has made a difference to the way modern psychologists and psychiatrics operate. Although the test has little to no room to move today, it may have helped bring to light more accurate ways to diagnose and pinpoint personality traits, not to mention develop the understanding that these two professions had. This is why the Rorschach Test is arguably a great ink development.

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Smart Ink Savers

Within all industries there is always a steady flow of new and fresh products that are designed to improve or aid the way an industry works. The same applies for cheap ink cartridges and printers. With so much focus in the UK on our carbon footprint, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut back on their ink and paper usage in the office. However, when something needs to be printed there is no avoiding it. But alas, there is a very smart way to save on your ink usage without having to print any less and it comes in the form of a font.

‘Ecofont’ is an exciting improvement within the print and ink world and a very exciting development for your business too.

It works by reducing the actual amount of ink that the printer uses to print the same documents by using a formation of ‘holes’ in the letters. This does not affect readability, which is likely to be a company’s first concern.

There are a range of these style fonts available, so you are able to trial it before committing. There is also a very large selection of characters included within the font so that regardless of your type of business the font will suit your specific needs.

Another smart ink saver to consider introducing to your company is ‘draft print’. This can be found within the printer options and prints in a slightly lighter shade, using less ink to do so. Similar to grey-scale, these options are ideal for in-house documents that won’t be viewed by clients or customers. It is also worth putting some emphasis on the ‘grey-scale’ option, for those of your team printing in-house documents in colour such as presentations. Maybe a word of advice that colour printing should be reserved for important or client documents.

Further to these two ink saving ideas, there is also the option of buying ink cartridges that don’t compromise on quality, which is what every business wants to hear. While we have plenty of technology available, there is still a requirement for printed documents. Businesses also want to find the most economical means of printing possible, and this can come down to the simple use of cheaper ink cartridges.

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Planet-Friendly Printing: Why You Should Recycle Printer Cartridges

Printing is the backbone of many businesses and as such an important aspect of daily office life however, it is worth bearing in mind the impact it has on the environment.

Being green is a priority for any business these days, with people making a conscious effort to turn out the lights and recycle paper, plastic and cardboard. These are the simplest and most obvious ways of being green in the workplace, but what about the less apparent yet equally effective ways of keeping your office eco-friendly?

Recycling your printer ink cartridges is one of the best – and one of the most overlooked – ways to go about planet-friendly printing. Here at Prink, we understand the need to keep your office in constant supply which is why we provide a wide range of cheap printer cartridges for you to order as and when you need, in whatever quantity you require. The other side of this convenience is a corporate responsibility to the environment.

Being able to buy a large quantity of quality cartridges at the drop of the hat is all well and good, but what happens to all of the old used cartridges?

Well, too many of them end up in the bin and clogging up landfill sites, but some are recycled and reused to make new essential items with a reduced carbon footprint. In fact, if all printer cartridges were recycled we would see a big difference. You see, most of the components in printer cartridges are made from 100% recyclable materials and many are also 100% recoverable and reusable.

Read on to find out more about why you should recycle your printer cartridges.

What a waste


It is estimated that eight cartridges are thrown away every second even though the average cartridge can be reused 4-6 times before it can then be recycled into a new product. If just four of these cartridges were recycled, you could make another 20 cartridges with 80% less energy.

With the four binned cartridges, you could cover Old Trafford stadium 119 times and power a top of the range television for 3,593,505 years.

350 million cartridges (70%) are thrown away every year and the UK alone is responsible for more than 55 million of these.

A long-lasting legacy

A single printer cartridge will take 1000 years to decompose because of certain elements, such as its aluminium content. So every time a cartridge is thrown in the bin or onto a landfill site, whole and un-recycled, it sticks around for a millennium.

There are more immediate concerns regarding printer cartridge waste and this is because putting printer cartridges on a landfill site can have detrimental effects on the environment. For example:

  • The plastics in a cartridge are non-biodegradable
  • The oils and chemicals used to produce cartridges will leak into the surrounding soil and water supplies
  • The leaking toxins and the smaller components can harm wildlife,
  • Any soil contaminated by the cartridges’ toxins will remain unproductive for thousands of years

A new lease of life

You can give your printer cartridges a new lease of life thanks to ethical recycling. Ethical recycling actually breaks up the printer cartridge into separate components which can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the ways a recycled printer cartridge can be reused and recycled include:

  •  Milk bottles and other similar products
  • Refrigerators and other white goods items
  • Cans and other forms of packaging
  • Environmentally-friendly furniture and household items


This is just a quick look at why printer cartridges can be green and what happens when you don’t pay attention to your printing practices when trying to make your business eco-friendly.

So next time you get in touch with us to order another batch of cheap printer cartridges, think a little more about what you do with the used ones.