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The Popularity of Black Ink

Here at Prink we’ve realised that over time, ink cartridges and the use of printers in the business world has evolved on a massive scale. Not only are we constantly being introduced to new technologies, the printing technology we have readily available, has already over leaped the benchmark of what we thought was never possible.

From wireless printing to the new and improved 3D printing technologies, there’s no telling what we can expect from this particular market.

However, just for now, let’s go back to the basics of printing and focus on a tool that most of use utilise in our day to day lives; black ink. Black ink is possibly one of the most important aspects of printing. Why? Well, you may not have noticed, but we use black ink for pretty much everything. From leaflets and flyers, to proposals for clients, black ink has maintained a simple yet professional position in today’s printing market. View the markets best ink cartridge prices here now!

Whilst more and more companies are opting for lavish, vibrant designs, black ink still hasn’t lost its popularity, especially in the months leading up to Christmas.

In October right through to the end of December, black ink is incorporated in uncountable designs, arguably more so than in the summer months. As vibrancy is generally used in high heats, it’s understandable that when winter strikes, many companies turn to black ink to do their bidding.

In this blog post from, we will be taking a look at why black ink is so popular for specific festivities.


Ah yes, Halloween. Associated with spooky happenings and famous horror movie figures, Halloween is a key time for the use of black ink and understandably so. The Halloween season, coupled with festive-mad partakers, is a time of black cat decorations and pumpkin carving, not to mention a lot of black ink usage. Whether you’re a company advertising a frighteningly good deal or a restaurant with a few secret recipes to serve up during this season, there’s no doubt that the colour scheme you choose will mostly consist of black.

This is a lot of ink to use just for promotion. However, there are third-party suppliers that provide cheap black ink cartridges for businesses in the UK. This means you can save money, while enticing your customers this Halloween season.

Bonfire Night

Though bonfire night has become renowned for bright colours and orange flames, you’ll need a backdrop that enhances your chosen colour scheme on your leaflets, flyers or other promotional material. A popular choice for advertisement for this festivity is, of course, black.

Again, this is a lot of black ink you’ll need to go through, so consider all of your options to get the best price as well as quality.


Now, usually associated with a blanket of white snow, you may be wondering how black ink fits into this section. Well, unlike the two above, it isn’t used to such an extent. In saying this, black ink can be used for things like text, font and borders on resources like dinner menus, posters and even Christmas cards.

These are just a few reasons why black ink is so popular in these months leading up to the New Year.

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