Print Your Own Office Halloween Party

Halloween is a wonderful season, especially for businesses. Many companies experience a peak during this time and enjoy a significant spike in sales. Halloween doesn’t just provide an opportunity for seasonal marketing though; it is also a great time to show your employees how much you appreciate all of their hard work with a mini Halloween celebration.

If you don’t fancy leaving the office for a sparkling soiree, there are plenty of other options too, including throwing your very own Halloween party. This idea is not only cost-effective, but it means you can make use of old resources like scrap paper, to reduce waste.

Halloween Office Party

Another benefit of hosting your own Halloween party is that you have the option to invite other businesses in your area, make it company-wide or keep it on a smaller departmental scale. Unlike public parties where you’d have to share the space, by throwing your own office Halloween party, you can decorate and celebrate however you like.  

This might mean playing a few team games, watching a series of scary movies to get everyone in the Halloween spirit or popping on some spooky jams. However you decide to celebrate this season, do it in style by printing your own office Halloween party.

Below we have compiled just a few ideas on how to print your own Halloween decorations for the office.


Bunting is fantastic for every occasion; birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and of course, Halloween. Plus, nothing beats having a strip of bunting, running from wall to wall. For this idea, you could look online for a few basic bunting templates and pop your own design onto your favourite. Then, all you need to do is print out a few triangles, grab some string and scissors and hang them up! You could even brand the bunting using your company’s logo along with a few scary pumpkin faces, witches on broomsticks or bats and black cats. 

Halloween Printables – Window décor, hanging pumpkins, etc.

Along the same lines as the print-out bunting, there are plenty of spooky figures on the internet for you to print off. Halloween printables and stencils are great for sticking on windows and doors, not to mention giving employees a bit of a fright by hanging them from the ceiling. You can use a mixture of silhouettes, letters and coloured figures. A few ideas for the characters you might use include zombies, ghouls, skeletons and spiders.

Trick or Treat Office Game

Our final suggestion isn’t centred on decoration, but it is a great idea if you’re looking to break up the day with a few games. All you need for this game is a small, hand-held cauldron or plastic pumpkin. Next you need to ask all employees to submit a trick or treat, simple right? After you have everyone’s submissions, simply print them off and cut them up into rectangles before popping them in the cauldron or pumpkin. Everyone will then draw a trick or treat and they will have to do what’s written on the paper. For this activity, the person handing out the trick or treats can even dress up as a famous horror movie character for a fun, themed Halloween surprise.  

These are just a few ways you can have fun printing out your Halloween office party.

If you’re using one or all three of these suggestions, you need to make sure you’ve stocked up on supplies. Here at Prink, we offer a wide range of cheap ink cartridges available to businesses based in the UK. Please feel free to browse our collection to find exactly what you need.