Smart Ink Savers

Within all industries there is always a steady flow of new and fresh products that are designed to improve or aid the way an industry works. The same applies for cheap ink cartridges and printers. With so much focus in the UK on our carbon footprint, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut back on their ink and paper usage in the office. However, when something needs to be printed there is no avoiding it. But alas, there is a very smart way to save on your ink usage without having to print any less and it comes in the form of a font.

‘Ecofont’ is an exciting improvement within the print and ink world and a very exciting development for your business too.

It works by reducing the actual amount of ink that the printer uses to print the same documents by using a formation of ‘holes’ in the letters. This does not affect readability, which is likely to be a company’s first concern.

There are a range of these style fonts available, so you are able to trial it before committing. There is also a very large selection of characters included within the font so that regardless of your type of business the font will suit your specific needs.

Another smart ink saver to consider introducing to your company is ‘draft print’. This can be found within the printer options and prints in a slightly lighter shade, using less ink to do so. Similar to grey-scale, these options are ideal for in-house documents that won’t be viewed by clients or customers. It is also worth putting some emphasis on the ‘grey-scale’ option, for those of your team printing in-house documents in colour such as presentations. Maybe a word of advice that colour printing should be reserved for important or client documents.

Further to these two ink saving ideas, there is also the option of buying ink cartridges that don’t compromise on quality, which is what every business wants to hear. While we have plenty of technology available, there is still a requirement for printed documents. Businesses also want to find the most economical means of printing possible, and this can come down to the simple use of cheaper ink cartridges.

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