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Walking Away from your Printer Duties

The water cooler and the photocopier are not the only sites within an office that can be the cause of awkward conversations, followed by an awkward silence while the water agonisingly drips out. The printer also plays its part in the office environment as a pivotal object of good favour or dreaded use. The printer has the power to bring admin assistants and managing directors alike to their knees in frustration. So what are some of the deadly sins that can be committed while using the office printer?


Having printed off your 30-page document, the printer has run out of paper and a red flashing light is highlighting that you have not fed the printer. Fight or flight kicks in and you decide the best possible solution is to walk away and ignore the lack of paper and red flashing light. However, another member of the team comes to use the printer next and of course fills up the paper and openly questions who it was that left it empty… You shamelessly continue to ignore the issue. This is a terrible crime and it must be addressed for the benefit of all businesses. Stand up and accept your paper filling duties. The office clerk would rather show you how to fill it up than have to structure their day around re-filling the paper.

Don’t be jammy

A jammed printer is not what any office needs on a Friday afternoon; nerves are beginning to fray, the air-con is broken and now the printer has been left jammed until 4:45pm. Gulp down your pride, raise your hand and admit to your part in creating printer-anarchy. A jammed printer is easily fixable 98% of the time. It is a simple case of opening up the paper tray and removing any crumpled and jammed paper, including any torn pieces. It is also advised to remove any unused paper that has creases or crumples in it, as these can cause another potential jam.

A lack of ink can cause a stink

You’ve printed off your documents and left them in the printer while you reply to some emails before the end of the day. Most of the office is now vacated and you’ve just noticed that only half the words are legible because the ink has run out. There is no need to be shy with ink; cheap ink cartridges are available in the UK at competitive prices here at Prink. So, in the interest of keeping a placid office, keep the ink flowing and consider giving a brief tutorial to everyone on how to change the ink and where it is kept.

These are just a few of the minor, but incredibly frustrating issues that can arise in an office surrounding the printer and the correct conduct relating to it. As with anything in life, putting things off never achieves much apart from extra stress. So for the benefit of all within your business, keep the ink cupboard stocked up, the paper store plentiful and ensure everyone is aware of some basic printer maintenance. Should you require any advice regarding printer cartridges, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff here at Prink.