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Streamlining Your Business: How Printing Can Help

Whilst the benefits of a streamlined business are there in abundance, you may be struggling knowing where to start. A lot of thought should be put into company policies and procedures to ensure an efficient business, but too often, we overlook the basic necessities of day-to-day office life.  Printing is one of these essentials that we take for granted.

If you are looking for ways to streamline your business, read on. In today’s post, we will be looking at a few ways printing can help your company, efficiently and effectively.


If you find your meeting room constantly overrun with staff when you need it most, it may be time to put your foot down. A great way to keep a check of everyone that uses the meeting rooms, and at what time, is to create a timetable that everyone can see and has to stick to. All it takes is a printed table, a pen and your employees remembering to fill it out before they enter the meeting room. This way, you can make sure you have the meeting room when you need it and it helps to reduce conflict between employees too, as everyone has equal opportunity to book themselves in.

Furthermore, printing off work schedules for the week is also a wonderful way for managers to keep track of individual and team progress, plus they allow everyone to come in, settle down and crack on with their work. You could even ask each employee to tick off their tasks throughout the day, so it is easier to see what’s been done.


Printing efficiently is a great way to save money on office bills. However, in order to do so, you need to set some boundaries and implement procedures that all employees must adhere to. Check out the below tips on how to save on printing costs:

Third-Party Suppliers

UK third-party suppliers of ink cartridges usually offer a cheap and cheerful deal when it comes to purchasing high-quality ink. This can help you save money upfront and allows you to stock up on ink without completely blowing your budget.

Don’t be Wasteful

You should encourage your employees to save digital copies instead of printing out documents they really don’t need. This way, not only do you save on resources, but you also save money because you don’t need to keep stocking up on supplies every week.

Keep it Green

Lastly, keeping it green can help your business to maintain an eco-friendly status which is great for business as well as for the environment.  Below we have listed a few ways that you can keep it green in the office:

Print on both sides of the page

Too often, we waste paper by not printing on both sides of the page. This would not be the case if you simply implemented a policy that requires employees to print on both sides of the page. If everyone follows procedure, it will help to save on paper and, in the long run, it will offer economic benefits too.


If you have printed out a page that you don’t want, don’t forget to recycle! Recycling is so important and if you already recycle then a big green thumbs up for you! If you don’t, it is never too late to start. All you need is a bin to pop all of your paper and recyclable goods in and you’re off.

These are just a few ways that efficient printing can help you to streamline your business. Do you have anymore that you would like to add?