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Our Brother ink cartridges are produced to the highest ISO9001 standards and are made from brand new parts. They contain only the best premium quality USA ink, are vacuum sealed and retail boxed with a shelf life of up to 2 years.
All our Brother compatibles are ready to use straight from the box just like genuine Brother ink cartridges.

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About Brother Ink Cartridges

As the use of inkjet printers has grown, the amount of suppliers of printer ink cartridges has also increased. You can purchase inks from many retail sources in the UK and there is now a plethora of suppliers who sell these products online. Many people have now become aware of the importance of using top quality inks which will not cause damage to an expensive printer which can cost many hundreds of pounds. In addition, the results that are achieved are of the utmost importance for both companies and for individuals. If you own or are buying a Brother printer, you will probably opt for genuine Brother ink cartridges as a first choice. These inks deliver the highest quality prints both for text documents and photographs. Superb performance is combined with reasonable costs making these products the ideal choice for reliability and a guarantee of excellent results. The inks are manufactured by the Brother Corporation and they deliver droplets of ink with pinpoint accuracy. The results are smooth and consistent prints that are resistant to fading and smudging. Of course, the quality of the prints will be even better if you use Brother printer paper.

Brother Cartridge Costs

When using a Brother printer, many people choose genuine inks over the Brother compatible inks that are now sold from third party suppliers. However, the price of compatible inks is a lot lower and in many cases the results are equal to those delivered by the original manufacturer's equipment. In addition, you can often buy compatible high capacity ink cartridges which will produce around a third more prints than standard units. Some people buy ink to refill expired cartridges but this can result in damage to the printer and poor quality results. A better option is to look for a company that supplies Brother compatible ink cartridges at low prices. Choosing the XL size is another way to reduce the cost per print and all Brother inks are available in the higher capacity cartridges. One other cost to consider is the amount of ink that need replacing. A Brother printer that uses individual ink cartridges will have lower running costs than one that uses tri-colour cartridges and a black cartridge. Using separate colour cartridges means that you only need to buy the ink for the colour that has run out.

Purchasing Cheap Brother Ink Cartridges

The two types of printer ink that are sold are dye based and pigment based. Dye based ink is more suitable for colour graphics and pigment based inks dry quickly and are often the product of choice for colour photographs. The latest developments in ink technology means that many inks now contain materials which make them resistant to water and to fading. Some manufacturers boast fade resistant figures of 100 years. The most outstanding feature of any printer ink is the results that are achieved. Colours should be accurate with vibrant bright hues and true skin tones. There should be no blending and lines should be crisp and clean. This is especially true for business documents which often reflect the reputation of a company. Although many suppliers sell cheap Brother ink cartridges, both genuine and compatible, the results will always give satisfaction. The ink that is produced by the company is the result of many years of research and the investment into quality inks continues. As printers get more complex and perform more tasks, it is vital to use top quality inks which will give professional results. The latest printers use individual colour inks and this helps to reduce costs while still giving top quality prints which can be used in both businesses and homes.