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3 x Tri Colour Compatible with Canon BCI-24C & BCI-21C FOR USE IN Canon Multipass C50

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3 Tri Colour Ink Cartridges Compatible with Canon BCI-24C & BCI-21C

Filled to maximum capacity.
Premium ink made in USA.
Guaranteed quality.
Ready to use.
All Brand new components.
Shelf life of at least 18 months.
Each cartridge is vacuum wrapped and packed in a retail box.

Canon Smartbase MP360/MP3605/MP370/MP390/MPC190C/MPC200
Canon Smartbase MP 360/3605/370/390/MPC 190C/ MPC 200
Canon Smartbase MP-360/MP-3605/MP-370/MP-390/MPC-190C/MPC-200
Canon Multipass C70/C75/C80/F20
Canon Pixma IP1000/IP1500/IP2000/MP110/MP130
Canon Pixma IP 1000/1500/2000/MP 110/130
Canon Pixma IP-1000/IP-1500/IP-1500/IP-2000/MP-110/MP-130
Canon Fax B180C/ Fax Phone B740
Canon I250/I320/I350/I450/I455/I470D/I475D
Canon I 250/320/350/450/455/470D/475D
Canon I-250/I-320/I-350/I-450/I-455/I-470D/I-475D
Canon MPC 190/MPC 200 Photo
Canon MPC190/MPC200 Photo
Canon MPC-190/MPC-200 Photo
Canon Multipass C20/C30/C50/C530/C545/C555/C560/C635
Canon Multipass C 20/30/50/530/545/555/560/635
Canon Multipass C-20/C-30/C-50/C-530/C-545/C-555/C-560/C-635
Canon Multipass C2500/C3000/C3500/C5000/C5500
Canon Multipass C 2500/3000/3500/5000/5500
Canon Multipass C-2500/C-3000/C-3500/C-5000/C-5500
Canon BJC2000/BJC2100/BJC2115/BJC4000/BJC400J/BJC4100/BJC410J
Canon BJC 2000/2100/2115/4000/400J/4100/410J
Canon BJC-2000/BJC-2100/BJC-2115/BJC-4000/BJC-400J/BJC-4100/BJC-410J
Canon BJC4200/BJC4300/BJC4304 Photo/BJC4310SP/BJC4400/BJC4550
Canon BJC 4200/4300/4304 Photo/4310SP/4400/4550
Canon BJC-4200/BJC-4300/BJC-4304 Photo/BJC-4310SP/BJC-4400/BJC-4550
Canon BJC455J/BJC4650/BJC5000/BJC5100/BJC5500
Canon BJC 455J/4650/5000/5100/5500
Canon BJC-455J/BJC-4650/BJC-5000/BJC-5100/BJC-5500
Canon S100/S200/S300/S330 Photo
Canon S 100/200/300/330 Photo
Canon S-100/S-200/S-330 Photo
BCI24/BCI-24/BCI 24
BCI21/BCI-21/BCI 21

We have been selling quality Canon compatible ink cartridges since 1999 and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers who purchase from us on a regular basis. 
Our compatible cartridges are manufactured to the highest standards. They contain only the best quality USA made ink to ensure perfect colour reproduction and trouble free performance.

Cheaper ink jet cartridges commonly use low grade printer inks that can cause problems with your machine. With Prink you can rest assured that you are buying the best quality ink cartridges from an established and trusted supplier. All our cartridges are covered by our money back guarantee and in the unlikely event that you do experience any problems then our expert technical staff are always eager to help.

Remember.. All Canon compatibles are not the same.

3 x Tri Colour Compatible with Canon BCI-24C & BCI-21C 
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