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Genuine Canon & Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges

Here at Prink, we offer the widest possible range of genuine and compatible Canon ink cartridges.
All our Canon compatible ink cartridges are made with brand new parts. They are filled to the maximum possible level with premium USA made ink and are manufactured to meet ISO9001 standards, as well as being vacuum wrapped and retail boxed to prolong their life span up to 2 years.
All our Canon compatibles are ready to use with a microchip fitted where applicable and are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.

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About Canon Ink Cartridges

Since the advent of home printers, people are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective and efficient options in terms of consumables like paper and ink cartridges and when it comes to quality prints, Canon ink cartridges have been at the forefront of the market. The company has played a significant role in producing inks that provide individuals with clean, crisp text, accurate colour schemes and photographic laboratory images.

In addition, the development of Inkjet printers over the past years has been astonishing and they are now capable of producing the same quality prints as those delivered by laser printers, not to mention becoming a more cost-effective solution. Also, as the features included in newer models have improved, the amount of suppliers who stock Canon inks has almost reached saturation point, with many reputable providers stocking both genuine and compatible inks that guarantee high quality results.

About Canon the Company

Canon is fast becoming a global leader in the supply and development of digital technology. With over 70 years of experience and trading under their belt, the company are often recognised for their continuous innovation and improvement of their product range. As one of the world’s most loved manufacturers, they have seen great success during their time as a company and continue to wow and amaze the public through ground-breaking designs and solutions.

Canon Compatible Ink

With the rise in sales of digital cameras, many people are opting for a home printer so they can create their own photographic prints and with such a wide range of Inkjet printers on offer, both offices and homeowners benefit from the diversity and efficiency of Canon products. Moving on to the cartridges, Canon compatible ink cartridges are marketed at a lower price than the genuine collection and the inks are simple to replace when the cartridge runs out.

As an example of the efficiency of compatible inks, models like the Canon Pixma series are eminently suitable for photo prints and are generally pigment based inks that are fast-drying. However, businesses may prefer to use the dye based Canon inks; these deliver a more intense black and white colour scheme making it the ideal choice for documents. 

Canon Replacement Ink Cartridges

While the market stocks a wide variety of Canon replacement ink cartridges, it’s important to choose a reputable company to ensure they are both genuine and high quality. As for the actual inks, both genuine and compatible ink cartridges are easy to install and produce brilliant results in terms of colour and overall quality however, it’s always best to do your research before selecting an ink cartridge. For example, if the printer uses individual colour ink cartridges, this can help to reduce the cost per page but tri-colour inks are perfectly acceptable too.

For those who want to purchase genuine cartridges, you can purchase the products either from the Canon website or from a licensed retail outlet however, it’s important to consider long-term cost as compatible ink cartridges are ideal for those wanting to reduce their outgoings.

Genuine Canon & Fake Canon Inks

With the rise in Canon products, there is also an inevitable increase in cheaper, counterfeit products on the market; however, it is usually quite easy to distinguish between the two. For example, Canon uses specific labelling to help people recognise the difference between genuine and fake company products. The label also shows the designated printer name and number, so these two factors might be something to look out for if you find a deal that’s ‘too good to be true’. 

Where to Buy Cheap Canon Printer Inks

As a reputable supplier of Canon printer inks, we aim to keep our prices low to cater for those on a budget. As a company, we supply a number of cheap Canon printer inks and offer many discounts for bulk-buying and multiple orders. In addition, we recognise the effects of purchasing poor quality ink and as a result aim to keep all of our Canon compatible inks high quality and as efficient as possible for both businesses and individuals. Please feel free to browse through our range of cartridges to find the most ideal ink for your requirements.