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Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges

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Resets the chip on Epson Fox and Apple ink cartridges.
Resets ink levels on Epson T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1285
Resets ink levels on Epson T1291, T1292, T1293, T1294, T1295
Resets genuine Epson and most brands of compatible cartridges.*
Reset to gain extra prints or reset to refill.
Just place over the chip and wait for the green light !
Comes with battery installed and is ready to use.
Lasts for around 100 resets.

This resetter will reset genuine Epson cartridges with the part numbers below. These cartridges are also known as Fox & Apple cartridges due to the pictures on their boxes. It will also reset our compatible equivalents but please make sure that you fully read the important notes before you purchase.

T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1285, T1291, T1292, T1293, T1294, T1295

The above cartridges are generally found in the following printers:

Epson Stylus BX305F/BX305FW/BX305FW PLUS
Epson Stylus B425WD
Epson Stylus BX525WD/BX535WD/BX625FWD/BX635FWD/BX935FWD
Epson Sytlus BX305F/BX305FW/BX320FW/BX925FWD
Epson Stylus S22
Epson Stylus SX125/SX130/SX235W/SX420W/SX425W/SX435W/SX445W
Epson Stylus SX525WD/SX535WD/SX620FW/SX630FW

If you are not sure then please contact us for advice.

This resetter is designed to reset only the newer Epson T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1285 (also known as Epson Fox) and T1291/T1292/T1293/T1294/T1295 (also known as Epson Apple) cartridges. It will reset genuine Epson and most compatibles but we cannot guarantee that it will reset all brands of compatible cartridge due to the many different compatible chips on the market. If you want to purchase this item to reset our own brand cartridges then please contact us for advice before purchase. Please see the compatibility list to make sure that your cartridge part numbers are supported.

This resetter WILL NOT reset older 7 & 9 pin Epson cartridges. If you require a resetter for these then click here

When resetting chips on genuine Epson T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284, T1285, T1291, T1292, T1293, T1294, T1295 cartridges you will need to reset your cartridges before the ink level goes below around 40% and you will also need to refrain from tipping the cartridges on their side once removed. This is because, on these new genuine Epson cartridges, there is a sensor behind the chip that is always immersed in the ink. If the cartridge is empty, low or if it is tipped on its side then air will reach the internal sensor which it will render the cartridge permanently unrecognisable after resetting. By resetting the cartridge at above 40% ink and keeping it level you will keep the sensor immersed in ink and therefore stop the cartridge from being rejected.
Our compatible cartridges do not have such a sensor and can be reset when empty or at any point in between.

Genuine and compatible chips can usually be reset many times but as they are manufactured with the intention of being used only once, we cannot guarantee any cartridges or chips beyond their intended single use life span.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges 
9 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.7 / 5 (Show All)

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 Great Buy

Kevin Dyson - 19/06/2014

Delivered next day. Reset all 4 original cartridges first time with no problem.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 What a moneysaver!

Chris Newtown Powys - 23/01/2014

Bought this one yesterday, arrived today, as I have recently bought a WF7515. Typical of swindling Epson, there was very little ink in the originally supplied cartridges. The Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta HAD to be replaced recently, which I did with the "Stag" XL genuines as the machine is under warranty, but I did keep the "Empties". The black was showing "lowish" which was still in the machine. Pulled it out, reset it and now shows full. Works perfectly.

Got those three "empties" which were successfully reset; light went to green. They were "empty" according to the printer and have been stored on their sides. So although they will show "full" don't know if they will print until I refit them when the XL "Stags" are truly empty. Although not listed on their website this unit will reset the cartridges for the WF7515 and 7525 as they take the "Apple", so order this unit with confidence as it WILL work. The "Stag" (T1301/2/3/4) is not listed on site, but I will add another review of resetting ability when the l...

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges2 Didn't work for me...

Geoff T - 21/01/2014

Quick delivery but doesn't work with my brand of cartridges so 12.95 down the drain. Shame, it looked like a promising product.

Prink Comment:
As outlined in the "IMPORTANT NOTES". Our resetter will reset our own brand of compatible and genuine Epson cartridges. We cannot guarantee results with other brands of compatible as there are literally hundreds on the market. However, the only issue we have come across ourselves is with Jettec branded compatibles. All other brands we have tested ourselves have reset without any problems.
Even when resetting our own compatible cartridges, you still need to have a cartridge with a working chip and you need to operate the device correctly.
This resetter cannot repair dead chips or make incompatible chips work in your machine. It can only reset the ink level data on a working chip. It won't make an unrecognised cartridge become recognised by the printer. An unrecognised cartridge will have a faulty/dead chip or the chip will not be compatible with your printer.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5

R Gartan - 17/10/2013

Found cartridges still had a lot of ink in when discarded, chipreset and carried on, no problem

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 Love it!

RobC - 17/06/2013

Just used it for 1st time, worked perfectly. I have been fed up for ages every time the printer makes me change cartridges you can feel loads of ink swishing around they are still nearly half full (compatibles seem to have a lot more ink put in them than originals), just so wasteful throwing them away. This device makes it a doddle using some of the rest up. Service from Prink was very good too.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 Great service

G Heggarty - 29/04/2013

Dear sir /Madam
It gives me great pleasure to let you and others know that your products and service are absolutely great. The Chip resetter and cartridges are excellent and all delivered within 2 days.
Great products great service .
Many thanks.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 A great little machine

Sonia Ayers - 17/04/2013

I was so pleased to find that an item that seems too good to be true works perfectly. Rather than waste the rest of the ink in my cartridges when the printer says its empty, I can now reset my cartridges to get the last drop out of them.
Prink provided a fantastic fast service too.
Highly recommended

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 Superb Relief !!

John - 16/12/2012

I wish I had known about this gadget when I purchased my SX445W. It has been a nightmare as it has never emptied the cartridges. I have had 3 replaced under warranty when all I required was this Resetter. Brilliant and so easy to use. It has made the printer efficient - at last.

Chip Resetter for Epson T1281/2/3/4/5 & T1291/2/3/4 Cartridges5 Chip Resetter

Mr A Gower - 12/07/2012

Fantastic! 'Does what it says on the tin'. Your new chip resetter for Epson T1281 etc. cartridges works just as well as the old version did on our old printer. Now I can deal with those messages the new printer throws up from time to time about 'Cartridge not recognised'. Just reset it!