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Prink can ensure you will be purchasing the highest quality remanufactured Dell ink cartridges which will arrive vacuum wrapped, retail boxed and have a shelf life of up to 2 years.  We only stock remanufacured Dell cartridges that have been refilled in a factory environment to ISO9001 standards using only the latest refill technology and the highest quality ink from the USA.
If you prefer genuine Dell cartridges then we have a selection of these too.

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About Dell Ink Cartridges

Dell have over 25 years of expertise when it comes to managing supply and demand of new technologies. The company came to the UK in 1987, just three years after its launch in the US but they did not enter the consumer technologies market until the early 2000's. They quickly became recognised as a trusted supplier of ink cartridges and printing technologies and today Dell produce printers of optimum quality that will exceed your expectations.