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About Dell Toner Cartridges

Laser printers are still considered the epitome when it comes to producing the top quality prints that are required for professional businesses. However, the cost of prints from these machines can be expensive due to the high prices asked for genuine Dell toner cartridges. It has been noted that some of the replacements can cost almost as much as the printer and this means that they are not a cost effective option. This applies to all laser printers and none more so than the Dell brand which delivers top quality prints but asks a high price for consumables. As well as genuine Dell toner you can buy compatible Dell toner cartridges which have been found to be reliable and which cost half the price of the originals.

What Are Dell Compatible Toner Cartridges?

When a manufacturer designs a new printer, the company also spends time and money on research into developing the printer toner cartridge. The time spent on research is reflected in the price and until the patent on the product has run out the company is the only source of replacement cartridges. However, once a patent has expired a third party company can produce the same product at a lower cost. Dell compatible toner cartridges are made up of the same components and are designed to be the exact same shape and size so that they perfectly fit the printer model for which they were made. The formula for the toner powder is the same and the print quality and number of copies achieved is identical to the original equipment. Dell compatible toner cartridges are a reliable alternative to the OEM because the prints turn out the same. You will get the same amount of copies and coverage. Every design is fully tested so that the units confirm to the original standards. The results offer equal quality at around 50% of the price of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Some compatible toner cartridges can cost around a third of the price of the genuine Dell toner and the units will deliver 9,000 pages at 5% coverage making 30,000 pages for the price of a single original. This is one reason why there has been a rise in the sale of compatible toner cartridges. All businesses need to pare down outgoings and using these products is a good way to cut down on printing costs.

Buying Cheap Dell Toner Cartridges

When your printer next runs out of toner, take a look on the Internet at the online suppliers who supply toners at low prices. Whether you are interested in buying OEM Dell toner or the compatible kind of toner you will be surprised at the reduced prices that are available. Buying from an online supplier is simple and as long as you make sure that the product is sold with a guarantee you cannot go wrong. You can buy cheap Dell colour toner cartridges as well as the black print. Colour cartridges contain magenta, cyan, yellow and black. They reproduce excellent colour prints for graphics and pictures. When printing takes place, the toner runs out at different times if one colour is more frequently used than another. With Dell toner cartridges you can replace just the colour that has expired instead of replacing all of them.

Refilling Toner Cartridges

If you do not want to buy compatible Dell toner as a replacement, you can opt for buying a refill kit or sending the cartridges back to the factory to be refilled. This is a cheaper option than buying original replacements and it is better for the environment. Recycled and refilled toner cartridges can be purchased at half the price of the new ones. So, the choice is entirely up to the consumer. The options are buying OEM toner, compatible toner or cheap refills. Generally, the answer lies within the budget of the business concerned but as more compatible cartridges are now being sold, these appear to be the most popular option.

Just to thank you for your quick delivery of my 3 packs of ink for Epson 285.
I received it next day as promised.
I will indeed recommend you to family and friends.
Cheers once again.
M Gourley (22/2/2012)

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