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At Prink, we sell quality HP compatible ink cartridges at the lowest prices. You can rest assured that the only noticeable difference between our compatible HP inks and genuine HP ink cartridges will be the price you pay.
Remanufactured to ISO9001 standards in a clean factory environment, our HP compatibles will not affect your printer warranty.

If you prefer to stick with genuine HP ink cartridges then we offer these at competetive prices too.

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About HP Ink Cartridges

There are two sizes of HP ink cartridges which can be used in the company's printers and a great many different types which have been styled for the individual models. It is important to fit the correct ink cartridges for the specification of the printer and these can be either individual colour cartridges or tri-colour cartridges, both of which combine with a black ink to deliver high quality prints. The amount of pages that can be obtained will depend upon the size and HP inks come in both standard and high capacity cartridges. Prices for inks can vary and it is a simple matter to check the various online suppliers and retailers who stock the inks before parting with any cash.

HP Printer Ink Technology

Hewlett Packard has spent many hours and a lot of money in research to ensure that the inks the company produces are the best that money can buy. The company brand enjoys a high reputation for delivering top quality genuine HP ink cartridges which will give excellent results for both businesses and for individuals. HP boasts that its products will yield as much as 45% more printed pages than similar inks sold by its rivals. Page yields are important especially for small companies where costs have to be pared down to the bone. The individual colour inks that are now used with the more modern HP printers also help to reduce printing costs as only the expired colours need to be replaced. You can buy mix and match packs of colours which means getting the exact order you need. HP is also renowned for dependability with many recommendations from customers. If ink cartridges leak or are difficult to install it can result in damage to the printer. HP printer inks are a brand that has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years.
In addition, the printer inks that HP supplies can be fully recycled back to the company using their pre-paid labels. This makes them one of the most eco-friendly companies in the world.

Buying Cheap Compatible HP Inks

The latest compatible printer inks live up to their claims to be as good as original manufacturers inks. Third party companies are now analysing the inks, where patent rights have expired, and are producing identical formulas at much lower costs. The fact that they do not need to spend money on research is just one reason why the prices are so much lower. HP continues to invest money in research so that its branded inks are more durable, last longer and provide the best quality prints in the world. Although there have been many predictions that offices will go 'paperless', there is a still a great demand for the printed document which is integral to almost every business. Demand for printers has never been higher and with the advent of the multifunction machine, small businesses can now be self sufficient and no longer need the services of printing companies. The low price of printers has to be offset by costs for inks so the price of consumables like paper and ink is an important factor when people buy a printer.
HP ink cartridges are supplied with a guarantee so if the cartridge or ink is faulty, money is refunded or the item is replaced. This enables the buyer to get piece of mind. However, many suppliers also give a 100% guarantee for compatible inks which give the same results for less money. Both genuine and compatible cheap HP ink cartridges are versatile and can be used for printing on plain office paper or on quality photographic media. The flexibility of the products have made them the first choice for many users.